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La ville Dildo

Maximestp  6/30/2010 7:54 | Catégorie: Vidéos 0 coments
Cette magnifique ville s’appelle Dildo ! lol
Voici la source Google maps
A Town called Dildo

Residents of the town, Dildo, in Newfoundland, argue about changing the town’s name. WTF?

Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Communauté  10/4/2007 0:00 | Catégorie: Musique - Vidéos 0 coments
Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

WANT A SHIRT? – — Wait until after the awesome hand-jig and be amazed. Now comes with blurriness AND the moment near the end where I fall over and kill my toes – but keep going! — Let me clarify: This is all one take; there is no editing except the words at the beginning. This is also the original. These are my hands. Thanks for all the positive feedback! … daft punk hands fr eckle studios harder better faster stronger work it make us makes do after hour our more than …